Been thinking about a kitchen makeover?

It’s sure to take a lot of time and money, right?

The idea of updating or redesigning your kitchen can be daunting.

Actually giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t have to involve weeks of renovations and all new appliances. In fact, you can give your kitchen a new makeover with easy projects that can be done over the weekend.

Below are some easy and cost-effective ideas that you can do yourself to give your kitchen a new and fresh look…..

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Aside from your appliances, your kitchen cabinets are the most prominent fixtures of your kitchen. They will take up the most space and will be immediately noticed when someone enters your kitchen. While you may want to upgrade and replace all your cabinets, this can be quite time-consuming and pricey.

Painting your cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into and revitalize your old cabinets for an easy kitchen makeover. Whether you are giving your cabinets a fresh coat or a completely new color, this will easily give your kitchen a new tone.

Check out the link below to find some of the most current in-demand cabinet colors here.

kitchen makeover

New Cabinet Hardware

Swapping out your old cabinet hardware is another great way to quickly give your kitchen a new look. Since the cabinet hardware is just attached by screws, changing them out for a new design can be done in no time. While the cabinets will use handles and knobs and drawer pulls there are a variety of finishes to choose from including wood, stone, iron, brass, nickel, and chrome. Experiment with mixing and matching your cabinet handles and appliances to give your kitchen a new and unique feel.

Install Cabinet Lighting

New lighting will change the ambiance of any room but installing new overhead lighting is no DIY job. However affordable under-cabinet lights can easily help to makeover your kitchen. Under cabinet, lights are a great way to add subtle lighting to your kitchen and counter space while being more aesthetically pleasing than continuously using your overhead lighting.

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Open Storage Space

If your kitchen suffers from having a cluttered counter top- you’re not alone. As your family and kitchen grow the available countertop space tends to shrink. Adding some open storage or shelving can easily help to relieve your counter space. Easily accesses what you need while giving your kitchen an open layout. Trying open shelving for your cooking sets, racks for your spices, and magnetic knife racks are great ways to easily organize your kitchen with a modern touch.

Install Backsplash

Water and stain-resistant- and most importantly easy to clean! A kitchen backsplash is a great addition to any kitchen. While tiling makes takes some time, the area space of a backsplash isn’t very large to it can be done in a short time. With endless designs and colors to choose from a backsplash can change the tone of your kitchen while giving it a clean, sleek, and modern vibe.

If your focal point is building your kitchen design surrounding a Herringbone tile pattern, then you need to consider if the pattern is compatible with the design of your kitchen countertop (including the colors, style, and other kitchen furniture in the area).

kitchen makeover

New Sink Faucet

Changing out your old kitchen sink faucet is an affordable way to upgrade a kitchen essential. Upgrading to a touchless faucet will can not only be water efficient and more hygienic but also give your sink a modern look to round out your kitchen makeover.

Last Words On Your New Kitchen Makeover

These are just a few easy DIY ideas to get you started on giving your kitchen a makeover. For more ideas about kitchen designs or cabinet questions, check out our other articles here.
If you want to you with a minimalistic approach you may want to read about it here in this article.

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