“Is it time to finally replace cabinets?”

Odds are, if you’re thinking it, it’s probably time.

We understand the idea of any home remodeling can be a bit stressful.

“How do I get the correct measurements?”

“Which design and color scheme will fit with my desired kitchen?”

And of course…..

“How much will all of this cost?”

While they are sometimes disregarded, your kitchen’s appliances and equipment do not last indefinitely. Their performance may eventually deteriorate, along with the gleaming new-product sheen. To keep everything running well, you’ll need to invest in replacements or repairs sooner or later.

When considering cabinet changes, keep in mind that even if you believe the functionality is still intact, there may be concerns lying behind the surface. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your kitchen in good condition.


If you feel your kitchen’s design is passed its prime, it sounds like it’s time to remodel. Fortunately, at Noah Hand, Our professional team is here to make purchasing your new cabinets a smooth and simple process so you can get the quality cabinets you want- without breaking the bank.

Cabinets and countertops are prone to the same wear and tear as the rest of your kitchen’s features after extended use. They are not intended to endure forever and depending on the material, they may need to be completely replaced every 10 to 15 years.

There are several indicators that your cabinets need to be changed, including cabinet doors that won’t close and shelves that buckle and flex. If the functioning of your home isn’t fulfilling your demands, or you simply want an updated aesthetic, a kitchen makeover may be worth considering.

But first, let’s go over some signs that now might be the time to finally upgrade your cabinets…


Damaged Cabinets

Do you have that cabinet door that just never seems to stay closed? the handle that is always-always falling off, a strange smell lingering in your cupboard, or the dreaded water damage and mold?

Kitchen cabinets are built to last. While they will typically outlast other appliances in your kitchen but that doesn’t mean there indestructible. Whether structural or water damaged- having to repair your cabinets more and more will start to add up so it might be time for that upgrade.

To ensure that it is worthwhile to repair your cabinets, consider the following: how long will your cabinets survive after repairs? When will you need to completely replace them? It only makes sense to reface your cabinets if they are in good overall condition and will survive for many years.


Water damage in cabinets is caused by leaking pipes and moisture in the air, as these cabinets can swell, causing the paint to peel and degrade the surface. It is critical to restoring them as soon as possible before the harm worsens.

Are your cabinets bloated, not closing properly, or have dark color spots? If this is the case, you may have water damage. Water damage is a common occurrence in kitchen cabinets because they are made of wood. Water can readily destroy wood, and there is usually a lot of water in your kitchen, especially if you have a leak someplace.


Water-damaged cabinets can be repaired in some cases. Here are some warning indicators of more serious water damage:

  • The wood has begun to distort.
  • Cabinets are leaking from the inside or the outside.
  • The exteriors are delaminating.
  • The wood has begun to blacken or change colors.
  • Mold is visible on the cabinets.
  • Cabinets do not properly open or close.

The first step is to identify and then stop the source of the water from entering the wood. The cabinet should then be thoroughly dried out. If possible, necessary repairs can be undertaken once the water has dried. This will entail replacing certain parts and bleaching away stains, which may take some time and money. Before you begin, you should be certain that your cabinets can be repaired.

Cabinets exhibit water damage in a variety of ways. For example, when water-damaged, some cabinets, such as MDF cabinets, seem swollen in some spots. Water can leak into this style of a cabinet over extended periods of time, causing the layers within the cabinets to expand.

If a kitchen cabinet’s finish is fading and the color is becoming lighter or darker, the cabinet may have been water damaged. Water can cause the finish of the wood to fade and leave visible markings on the cabinet if it sits on it for an extended period of time.

Storage Space of kitchen cabinets

No one likes to have a messy kitchen. But as your family grows, so too does your kitchen. If your cabinets are bulging, countertop space is becoming increasingly littered, or you’re struggling with where to put all your new kitchen appliances, new cabinets can help give you the space you need to declutter your kitchen.


On the other hand, if you find yourself with bulky and less filled cabinets, downsizing to smaller cabinets can help give your kitchen a sleek and more open space.

Outdated Kitchen Design

While the main purpose of any kitchen cabinets is to function as storage, they are one of the first things people will notice when entering a kitchen so appearance matters. If you have visitors to your home, they’ll almost certainly see your kitchen- so you don’t want them seeing a kitchen that looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades. Again while cabinets may be built to last, the designs and colors can sometimes fade faster than the material.


Kitchen trends come and gone through the years. Design decisions have their moments and then exit the stage. It’s essential for your kitchen functionality to match how you want to use it.

Make sure people will be commenting on your kitchen when they leave, for the right reasons.

Our cabinets offer a wide variety of designs and colors (link to products page) that perfectly blend classical carpentry with a modern touch. You can rest assured your cabinets’ style will last.

Kitchen Cabinets

Layout and Functionality of the cabinets

When you’re preparing meals you don’t need the added hassle of running around a congested kitchen. If you’re having trouble accessing cabinets that are too high, overpacking lower cabinets, or don’t have the room to cook with ease in the available space- a new kitchen layout may be the answer.

Having a kitchen that meets your needs can help you effortlessly move around during dinner time without the added stress. New Kitchen Cabinets can help you with that.

If the overall operation of your cabinets does not work for you, this is another indication that you should replace rather than fix them. No matter how aesthetically attractive you refinish your cabinets, if they do not operate properly, you will be wishing for a makeover.

Signs that your cabinets’ design could benefit from replacement:

If your cabinets are difficult to access and require the removal of goods in order to reach other objects in the rear. If the cabinets open incorrectly. For example, if you open two cabinet doors at the same time and they bang into each other. The drawers do not open without becoming stuck, generating an unusual noise, or presenting some other problem.

Kitchen Cabinets

Add value to your house

When it comes to home improvement projects, one of the biggest you can take on is a kitchen cabinet remodel in terms of investment and disruption. especially if you are considering selling it in the future. it means you can sell your home for significantly more.

A real estate agent or kitchen designer can help you figure out if it makes financial sense for you. The kitchen is one of the first things most buyers look at. As we’ve discussed before, homeowners recover between 50% and 80% of what they spent remodeling their kitchen through the ROI.

Kitchen Cabinets

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Although this isn’t an exact trade-off, there are other benefits to remodeling your kitchen. For example, if your house has an updated kitchen, it tends to help your home sell more quickly. If your kitchen is outdated, average home buyers won’t be excited about their new purchase needing such a big project right up front. 


Refacing cabinets includes updating the doors, painting the exterior, and applying a veneer layer to the cabinet box. Because cabinets may survive for so long, this is a popular remodeling technique. Another simple approach to liven up a good set of cabinets is to add new hardware, such as handles that make a new statement.

Refacing your cabinets allows you to restyle and modernize wood without spending a fortune, but it does not come cheap. Each door and/or drawer on your cabinets will cost approximately $150 to replace. This adds money, but not as quickly as purchasing brand-new cabinets.

Signs that your cabinets should be resurfaced or repaired include:

  • Overall, you like the general functionality, size, layout, and design of your cabinets.
  • The doors are the most out-of-date feature that you dislike. This is a simple remedy; you may reface your cabinets or buy new doors instead of buying new cabinets.
  • Your cabinets are still in good shape both inside and outside the cabinet box.
  • Cabinets complement the overall design of your kitchen and other appliances.

Replace or Repair Cabinets That Last

Before investing the money, time, and effort required to repair cabinets, you should be certain that you are making the appropriate choice. Cabinets may need to be changed simply because they have become old and worn out. In other cases, cabinets wear out far sooner than they should. In this case, you’ll want to figure out why your cabinets have worn out beyond repair so that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

Even if you buy completely new cabinets, you won’t be able to prevent the problem from recurring until you first address the issue that caused your previous cabinets to wear out. Examine your cabinets for symptoms of warping or swelling, especially those that are frequently exposed to humidity and water. If your cabinets are warping as a result of humidity, a humidifier can assist delay the process.

When the time comes to replace your kitchen cabinets, you may be concerned about the entire cost. Noahhand offers wholesale prices for an economical new kitchen that you are sure to adore! checkout our products pages.



While there are many signs it might be time for a cabinet upgrade, only you know if it’s time and only you know what you need. Our team is here to listen and work with you to determine exactly what is needed to make your new kitchen design unforgettable.

The style of your new cabinets will be determined by your concept for your new kitchen if you are remodeling. If you’re not sure what the rest of your kitchen should look like but know you want new cabinets, shaker-style cabinets are a good place to start. This style has a clean, straightforward appearance that goes with everything. There is a range of classic and modern types to pick from if you are merely looking for a new look without remodeling the entire kitchen. If you think you it is the right for a change.

Before you go shopping, there are things you need to know about kitchen cabinets. Repainting kitchen cabinets with minimal damage would cost between $20 and $60 in professional labor. Paint, priming, sandpaper, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and tape will cost between $200 and $600 for DIY projects.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets can cost between $1,600 and $4,100, with labor and supplies costing between $4 and $10 per square foot. It is less expensive than replacing kitchen cabinets but more expensive than repainting since it includes more steps, such as removing the old finish, putting a fresh coat of finish, and sanding in between layers.