Looking To Update Your Kitchen With a Modern Touch? Here’s Why A Minimalist Kitchen Design Could Be Just What You’re Looking For

Whether you’re familiar with the philosophy that is Minimalism or not, you’ve probably heard the phrase- with an ever-increasing number of bloggers, YouTubers, and filmmakers promoting its benefits.

It’s a movement based on the idea of reducing excess and decluttering your life and the space around you. And with the popularity of the minimalism trend, more homeowners are designing their homes and kitchens especially, to create a more simplified and organized space.

Below are a few easy-to-implement and economical ways to help design your kitchen with minimalism in mind…..

Decluttering Your Kitchen

First and foremost with minimalism, it is necessary to do an inventory of what you have in your kitchen, and more importantly, what you really use and need.

As we move from apartment to apartment, house to house, and as our families grow so too does our kitchen clutter. While creating a minimalist kitchen isn’t about just getting rid of what you own, it is worth asking yourself, do I really need this? Multiple cutting boards? A Margarita Maker you bought for a cookout years ago? A half dozen Tupperware containers whose lids are nowhere to be found?

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minimalist kitchen

If that’s the case it might be time to consider reducing some of the excesses in your cabinet space. Whether you’re throwing away what you don’t use or even better have the ability to donate it- that extra room can go a long way to organizing and putting the space to better use.

Buy A Cookware/Utensil Set

Investing in a cookware set is a great way to save and free up extra cabinet space. A common cause of cluttered cabinets is an array of different pots and pans of different sizes and from varying sets. These will often not fit together and will quickly occupy your cabinet’s available space.

A proper set will stack inside each other to allow you to neatly organize your cabinets without the mess. While this will require an investment, there are many economical options available today and a good stainless or cast iron set will last for years to come.

This is also worth considering when it comes to basic cutlery and utensils. As we move we tend to acquire cutlery that’s been passed down or we’ve had for so long we don’t remember where it came from.

Depending on the size of your household, when it comes to a minimalist kitchen having a dozen forks, spoons, and knives may be unnecessary- even more so if they’re from differing sets and sizes. One consistent set can help in keeping a minimalist feel to your kitchen.

Organize Your Space

One of the best steps to creating a minimalist kitchen design is to properly organize the space you are working with. Proper shelving, racks, and bins added to your pantry and fridge can easily reduce the urge to put something back where there is simply space.

By taking the time to properly organize and give each item in your kitchen a home, you can not only make your cooking more efficient but reduce the stress that comes along with opening multiple cabinets and drawers searching for an item you’ve misplaced.

minimalist kitchen
minimalist kitchen
minimalist kitchen

Consistent Colors of a minimalist kitchen

Choosing a color for your home and kitchen can be a big decision. It will play a crucial role in the vibe and appearance of your kitchen but most importantly will be a color you are seeing on a daily basis- so make sure it’s one you love and can contribute to your minimalist kitchen.

While no color is best when designing a minimalist style kitchen, earthly tones, or a classic white goes far in helping make the space feel more bright, open, and larger. Most importantly however is having a consistent color theme with just a few colors.

The more colors that are added can become distracting and take away from a clean and sleek minimalist style. Check out our White Shake Cabinets for an example of a modern classic with a minimal design (an example).

minimalist kitchen

Free Up Your Counter Top

Once you have decluttered and reorganized your cabinets we’d be willing to bet you have more space than you recalled. With all this now realized free space, it’s time for the counter. Your counter space is crucial to your kitchen. It’s where we prepare, cook, and when we’re in a rush…enjoy our meals.

To reduce the mess and any stress that comes with a dirty kitchen it’s usually best to keep your counter space clean and uncluttered. While some appliances may be necessary to keep on your counter, moving any less frequently used small appliances such as toasters, blenders, or electric can openers to your cabinets can help give your kitchen a cleaner and more streamlined look.

minimalist kitchen

Closed Cabinets

Open cabinets may be economical and make accessing items during cooking easier but they tend to add to the visual clutter of your kitchen. Additionally, open cabinets tend to become an easy spot to set things down when you’re busy or in a rush. Just as your countertop tends to become the area you set down anything from your keys or mail, you may find your open cabinets quickly start accumulating things you didn’t intend. Having closed cabinets can help keep your kitchen neat and organize as you intended.

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In conclusion, these are just a few easy-to-follow tips that can help you transform your kitchen or help design your new kitchen with minimalism in mind. But remember, a minimalist kitchen isn’t about having less, it’s about reducing excess to better utilize what you have. Only you know what you need and more importantly what you want in your new kitchen, but if you need any help or need some guidance….let us know!